Selected Clips


Minimum Rage: Will Gen Y’s Career Waiters Occupy the Service Industry? GOOD magazine (still my favorite longform piece I’ve ever written)

Ivory Tower Phony: Sex, Lies, and Fraud at West Virginia University NBC News

Is an Elite Education Worth $170,000 in Debt? NBC News

Fake Blood and Blanks: Schools Stage Active Shooter Drills NBC News

School Spirit or Gang Signs? The Slippery Slope of Zero Tolerance NBC News

The Offline Wage Wars of Silicon Valley Next City

Money Train: A New Labor Movement Build Around Transit Next City

Vote for Pedro: Meet the Latino Youth Movement’s Leslie Knope Tomorrow magazine

Sister Bloggers: Why Your Favorite Crafty Style Blog is Probably Written by a Mormon GOOD magazine


Hustlin’: replacing recession-era youth pity with realtalk (a series I edited and sometimes wrote at GOOD)

My series on Where Millennials Can Make It Now for Atlantic Cities

My series on the new economy for the American Prospect

2012 election blogging for Marie Claire


My complete archives at NBC News

My complete archives at GOOD

Living On $5000 a Year, On Purpose NBC News

Is Northeastern Censoring Its Pro-Palestinian Students? NBC News

The Deep Deception of Corinthian Colleges, and the Students That Suffer NBC News

Living Next Door to Mississippi’s Last Abortion Clinic The Nation

In a Whiter New Orleans, There’s A Gray Area The Nation

Why Most Walmart and Fast Food Workers Didn’t Strike The Nation

What ‘Girls’ and ‘Shameless’ Teaches Us About Class The Nation

The Abortion Talk You Don’t Hear on the RNC Stage Marie Claire

Guestblogging at Tablet

How a Churchgoing Urban Planner Became Compton’s Millennial Mayor
Next City

Ronverts: Breaking Up with Obama, Rebounding with Ron Paul GOOD magazine

How Will the Occupy Wall Street Protesters Vote? GOOD magazine

The Lust Frontier: Why Can’t We Make Open Relationships Work? GOOD magazine

Don’t Ask, Don’t Play Identity Politics American Prospect

Your Grandmother’s Birth Control May Actually Work Slate


We Are the “Crash Generation” Salon

Mo’ Children, Mo’ Problems American Prospect

The Post-Wedding Code Switch

The Problem With Delaying Parenthood Washington Post

On Chelsea Clinton, Millennials, and Money Washington Post

Not That Kind of New Yorker: Going Home Again Brooklyn Magazine

'Underemployed': The TV Show That Nails How the Recession Changed Sex The Atlantic

(Not) My Superman: On why I love Eminem Rookie

How the Recession Made Me a Gentrifier in My Own Home Town Atlantic Cities

The Feminist Manifesto (on Shulamith Firestone) Tablet

"Commie Camp" and Me Tablet

Polka as a Power Pattern WOMANZINE

Is HBO’s ‘Girls’ the Voice of Our Generation? Nope, and That’s Okay GOOD magazine

Planning Your Indie Wedding: A Modern-Day Cautionary Fable GOOD magazine

I Wish I Wasn’t Married: In Defense of Domestic Partnerships for Straight Couples GOOD magazine

Yesterday’s Papers: Losing My Mom in the Public Eye GOOD magazine

Why Stay and Fight? Skirt Magazine

Raising the Baby Question The Nation

Bella’s Way The Nation

Come Home With Me, Baby! New York Observer