"While most kids his age are working entry-level jobs, studying, and partying, Pedro spends his days entering data and knocking on doors. He survives on pizza, coffee, chips, and Red Vines. He’s a one-man show: the candidate, the PR team, and the get-out-the-vote operation rolled into one. He spreads the word through T-shirts and yard signs, Facebook and Twitter (#vote4pedro)…Unlike his undocumented peers, Pedro can put his name on the ballot. His American citizenship gives him an official channel for his outrage. And he’s unfailingly optimistic about the future of progressive Latino politics, dead sure that ‘in 10 years, we should have majority of the House, the Senate, we should have governors, we should have secretary of states, we should have board supervisors. We should have majority.’"

While we’re all obsessing about the presidential election, this 20-year-old from Arizona is running his own campaign. For Tomorrow mag, I profiled Pedro Lopez, the Latino youth movement’s Leslie Knope.

(And check out the rest of Tomorrow magazine, too, which is now online!)

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